Top 5 Car Amplifiers You Should Buy

PLANET Amplifier

An amplifier is a device used for boosting of various types of signals. The signal can be current, voltage or audio. The amplifier takes any input signal of suitable amplitude from the power supply and then increases its amplitude so as to produce a powerful output signal. In cars, the amplifiers are used for boosting the signal from radios, CD players, subwoofers, tweeters or any other audio electronic. Some car stereo systems come with in-built amplifiers while some car stereo systems require external amplifiers for getting wonderful sound. Any individual who upgrades the complete sound system of his car needs to install external amplifiers for meeting the power requirements.

There are several types of car amplifiers according to the power requirements. These amplifiers range from the single channel for single speakers to six channels for running a large audio system. Every day, more and number of amplifiers of different channels are being developed. So, the person selects a particular type of amplifier according to his/her needs. Below are the top 5 car amplifiers available in the marketplace.

Boss Amplifier

1. BOSS AUDIO R1100M Monoblock Class A/B Amplifier

  • This amplifier works by using energy from Metal oxide semiconductor field effect Transistor.
  • This amplifier is used for providing power to a single speaker or is used when adding a single subwoofer.
  • This class, A/B amplifier, provides better performance than the single class A amplifier and also does not have distortion like that of class A amplifier.
  • These amplifiers provide the power of 1100 watts and come with a warranty period of 6 years.
  • These amplifiers can be controlled by a specific remote subwoofer.
  • This amplifier boosts all type of high and low-level inputs and helps in producing splendid music.
  • These amplifiers have several variable low pass crossovers that help in producing specific sound based low range frequencies.
  • This amplifier has variable bass boost so you can get the particular bass that you want from your subwoofer.

2. Pyle PLA2200 2-Channel 1,400-Watt Bridgeable Mosfet Amplifier

  • The Pyle Chopper series amplifier features an electronic crossover network, a variable gain control, and a variable bass boost.
  • This amplifier is designed using gold-plated ports for preventing any loss of signal.
  • These are two-channel amplifiers that produce up to 1400 watts of power and help in providing high-quality sound.
  • The slim size of these speakers allows easy handling and installation feature.
  • These amplifiers are designed in such a way for protecting against overload, short circuit, and thermal power.
  • These amplifiers have several powerful LED indicators and boost effectively all kind of low level of input signals.
  • These amplifiers are tough because of the chrome accents and are ideal for any car audio enthusiastic.


lanzar amplifier

3. Lanzar HTG157 3000-Watt 2-Ohm Monoblock Mosfet Amplifier

  • The Lanzar HTG157 amplifier is another amplifier that uses MOSFET transistor and provides wonderful performance.
  • You can easily turn on or off this amplifier and prevent damage to your tweeters, subwoofers, filters and other car accessories.
  • These amplifiers produce power up to 3000watts and that too against 2 ohms of impedance.
  • These amplifiers are designed using silver-coated RCA inputs for making an easy connection with the head units or any other audio source.
  • This amplifier features a bass boost circuit for boosting the sound level of high and low input signals.
  • These amplifiers also have an electronic crossover network for filtering the frequencies in the range of 10Hz to 45KHZ.
  • These amplifiers have very less signal to noise ratio i.e. 80 Db and help in producing splendid music without much distortion.
  • This amplifier weighs only 6.2 pounds and comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

4. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

  • This class D amplifier is a switching amplifier which always operates either in the ON or the OFF mode.
  • This amplifier is more efficient than other amplifiers because very little heat is generated for driving the transistors of this amplifier.
  • These amplifiers produce up to 300 watts of power at 4 ohms of impedance and 500 watts of power at 2 ohms of impedance respectively.
  • These amplifiers contain high-quality crossovers for operating with the different type of frequencies.
  • This speaker has infrasonic filter for eliminating the low sound frequencies from the subwoofers.
  • For controlling the operation of this amplifier, there is a punch equalization installed on it. This punch equalization works with 40 Hz of frequency and boosts the signal up to 10 Db.
  • This amplifier also has a wired remote for connecting it with the head unit, subwoofer or other car audio electronic.
  • Due to the durable aluminum material, this amplifier withstands high temperature and so is effective for providing wonderful performance for many years.
  • This amplifier weighs only 5.2 pounds and helps in producing awesome quality music from the car stereo system.

PLANET Amplifier

5. Planet Audio AC1500-watts Monoblock Class A/B Amplifier

  • The Planet Audio amplifier easily controls all type of input signals and provides wonderful gain.
  • Unlike class B amplifier, this amplifier does not have crossover distortion and provides long lasting performance for several years.
  • These amplifiers feature powerful light emitting diodes and variable subsonic filters.
  • This amplifier uses pulse width modulated MOSFET power supply for boosting various electronic signals.
  • These amplifiers withstand all type of temperatures and provide efficient performance for many years.
  • These amplifiers are designed in a unique style so as to prevent speaker, woofer and other audio electronics from any type of damage.
  • These amplifiers are manufactured using the chrome plated RCA ports for working with low-level and high-level input signals.
  • These amplifiers have variable crossovers, variable bass boost and a rounded-turn on the circuit.
  • This amplifier boosts the signal of all phases because of the switchable phase shift installed on it.


The car amplifier is an amazing electronic device that helps in producing splendid music from the speakers, subwoofers and other audio devices with car stereo systems. Many types of crossovers, bass boost, and powerful LEDs are used in making amplifiers. The top five amplifiers use the RCA ports for working with high and low input signals. These amplifiers withstand high heat and provide efficient performance for many years. No doubt, these amplifiers are best enough that help in producing high-quality music and make car driving experience even more enjoyable.