Pyle PLG6C 2-Way Custom Component

Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System

It is expressly incontrovertible that Pyle is the renowned brand in the realm of audio accessories industry as it offers the high-quality products within the affordable range. In this category comes the powerful and innovatively designed Pyle PLG6C 2-Way Component that epitomizes the leading innovation in the world of audio accessories with its high result oriented speakers that are designed with the use of advanced technology to offer the best quality sound. Moreover, the given Pyle speakers enrich your driving experience as these speakers come equipped with the mid bass speaker pump of 400 Watts and can support a majority of the OEM locations.

The entire component speaker kit is ingeniously designed to offer the incredible sound system that uplifts your driving experience to new heights with an impeccable sound system. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that the Pyle Custom Component system has been devised by using the superior quality material that surpasses the quality of contemporary speakers available in the marketplace.

Powerful Speakers

The given Pyle speakers are incredibly powerful with the size of 6.5 inches and come equipped with the poly woofer and one dome tweeter to enhance your auditory experience in the car. The woofers are equipped with the butyl rubber that is designed to offer weight and intensity. So, all those car enthusiasts that prefer the high-quality sound system in their cars must opt for the powerful Pyle speakers that speak volumes about the unmatched quality and robust performance of speakers of the given brand.

Incredible Range of Frequencies

The given Pyle speakers are designed for the use of advanced engineering as these speakers offer the fantastic range of frequencies to provide an excellent sound system. It offers the high range of frequencies, and that comprises of 50 HZ to 5 kHz that makes it exceptionally great audio experience as it captures the high to low range sounds with impeccable perfection.

Passive Crossover Networks

The given Pyle speakers make the use of passive crossover networks that helps to enhance the audio experience to the finer levels with accurate settings. In fact, the passive crossover networks are designed to distinguish the signal from the head unit among the tweeter speakers and mid bass for a high-quality sound experience.

Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System

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High-Quality Material

The Pyle speakers are designed for the use of high-quality material that enables it to rank in the topmost position in the audio industry. It makes use of the advanced engineering and superior quality products that ensure to offer the zenith of excellence regarding producing the clear sound and catches every nuance with amazing detailing for a great driving experience.


  • The given Pyle speakers comprise of one pair of mid-bass speakers, one pair of the 0.5-inch tweeter, 0.5-inch silk dome tweeter, and woofers.
  • It arrives with the dimensions of 17.4 x 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
  • Its height is 6.5 inches and depth is 2.65 inches.
  • Its weight is 2.6 kg so you can fix them easily in your car.
  • Its model number is PLG6C.
  • It comes equipped with the standard size of 6.5 inches that make it the ideal choice for all the OEM locations.
  • Its power handling ability comprises of 200 Watts RMS/ 400 Watts Maximum.
  • It arrives with the provision of three mounting options, and that consists of angle mount, flush mount and surface mount.
  • There is a provision of 12db Octave slope for optimal results.
  • It comes equipped with the impedance level of 4Ohm as it helps in effective setting of additional stuff like amplifiers quite quickly.
  • There is a provision of the high-temperature aluminum voice coil and electroplated steel basket for amazing performance.
  • The frequency response comprises of 1.3 to 22 KHz.
  • It comes equipped with the wiring kit, grills wires installation hardware, wiring diagram template and neodymium magnet.


  • Unlike other woofers, the given Pyle woofers don’t perform exceptionally well, and their performance can be ranked as average, and they are slightly improved than the factory speakers.
  • The tweeters perform well, but the crossovers give them extremely high sound that is not preferred by many customers.
  • Moreover, the tweeter casings are made of cheap material, so you need to hang them with the use of glue. Otherwise, they will fall apart.
Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System

Click here to see today’s price on the Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component

Customer Reviews

The Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System has been recognized as the premium quality product that offers the incredible sound system with amazing detailing. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that the Pyle component system provides the flawless audio experience that uplifts the listening experience of the users.

The majority of customers have found it extremely productive and worth of investment with its use of advanced technology for providing the amazing results. Many of the customers are satisfied with the performance of twitters and woofers along with the design of drivers.

There are a few customers who have shown their concern regarding the quality and performance of crossovers and recommended the purchase of another speaker.

As I am a huge music enthusiast who loves to use the advanced sound system recommends buying the given Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System with assured confidence of high-performance levels.


The Pyle PLG6C 2-Way Component is exemplary of high performance oriented car speakers that offer exceptional perfection and remarkable audio experience. The superb use of woofers and tweeters that run through the proficient enclosed crossovers make it a delightful experience to have the great sound with excellent driving experience that makes your journey memorable. So, get ahead and buy the given Pyle speakers to have the immaculate listening experience. Happy Driving to You!

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