Pioneer TS-G1644R Full Range Car Speakers

Pioneer - TS-G1644R - Full Range Car Speakers

Any car enthusiastic who especially likes the full range speakers for his car would be jubilant after knowing about the new model of full range car speakers. The Pioneer Corporation has developed an Pioneer TS-G1644R car speakersthat have fantastic features and provides long lasting performance for many years. These car speakers are capable of reproducing maximum audio range without having any problem in the physical constraints and so are good full range speakers. The high-quality material used in manufacturing these speakers is responsible for maximizing the frequency range.

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The Pioneer-TS-G1644R car speakers are awesome speakers that make car driving experience more enjoyable. These speakers produce outstanding music of deeper bass level. The components used in these speakers provide various varieties of sound having all types of frequencies. You will not observe much distorting by listening different sound frequencies from these speakers. I present to you the Pioneer- TS-G144R full range car speakers that have high sensitivity, high fidelity, handle high power and provide superb performance for many years.

Less Distortion

Distortion is an unnecessary thing that hampers the effect sic. So, any individual wants the specific type of car speakers that have very less distortion. The Pioneer TS-G1644R car speakers have the very high sensitivity which is sufficient for producing high-quality music with reduced distortion level. The woofers cones are the materials that provide improved sensitivity to these car speakers.

Pioneer - TS-G1644R - Full Range Car Speakers

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Easy Installation

Every individual want that type of speakers that can be easily installed in his/her car. Well, you have found one specific type as these speakers are designed with a shallow mounting height that provides the easier installation feature.

Optimum Sound with deeper bass

The Pioneer TS-G1644R car speaker systems have several tweeters, subwoofers and super tweeters. All these components produce sounds of all high and low frequencies. So, by combining the performance of these drivers, we get the optimum sound with extreme bass.

Strong speakers with less weight

The high-quality material is responsible for providing strength and toughness to the Pioneer full range speakers. Also, these speakers are light weight and can be placed in different positions of the car. Therefore, these speakers do not get damaged easily due to the sturdy material and provides long lasting performance for many years.


  • These car speakers handle up to 250 watts of maximum power and 50 watts of RMS power.
  • The cone of the Pioneer TS-G1644R car speakers is designed using IMPP composite material.
  • This full range speaker has a 1.5 balanced dome tweeter with ferrite magnet that helps in producing loud and clear music.
  • A specific material, Poly-Ether Imide is used for making the tweeter of the Pioneer TS-G144R car speakers.
  • These car speakers have several grilles for the protection of various drivers and other audio components from foreign objects.
  • Unlike other car speakers from the Pioneer Corporation, these speakers have less cost, and so a person with the moderate budget can buy them.
  • These are the car speakers that produce sounds of low, mid and high frequencies and so are called as full range speakers.
  • These round shaped and black coloured speakers look beautiful and impress a large number of people.
  • This speaker weighs 5 pounds and has a mounting depth of about 7.5 inches.
  • This speaker system requires a battery of 12V for producing the effective sound.
  • This speaker has a length of 7.1 inches, a width of 6.4 inches and a height of 7 inches.
  • The high sensitivity and fidelity of these speakers are responsible for the production of loud and clear music with less distortion.
  • This speaker comes with a warranty of 1 year.Pioneer - TS-G1644R - Full Range Car Speakers


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  • In comparison to other top-brand car speakers, these car speakers do not have very high power handling capacity.
  • These speakers do not have crossovers that are required for maintaining sound from several drivers.
  • You may require some extra amplifiers for boosting of several types of signals.
  • These speakers do not produce very high definition music that mostly person like to hear.

Customer Reviews

The Pioneer-TS-G1644R car speakers are the speakers that produce high-quality music with less distortion and so liked by many persons. Since last few years, these speakers have been used by many individuals and so have become famous car speakers.

This means that these speakers have attracted a lot of customers. Many people have said that these speakers produce the sound of deep bass, have great value. Some have liked the grill protection of these speakers. Some modern budget persons are happy with the cost of these speakers. I also found a review saying that these speakers produce awesome bass.

Some people have said that these speakers are good speakers if you have a subwoofer. One person has also said that these speakers are not the quality bass speakers, and you need crossovers for getting fabulous music.

The so many good customer reviews are enough for deciding that these speakers are better speakers for your car. So, I recommend you to buy The Pioneer-TS-G1644R car speakers and enjoy the high-quality music.

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In summary, the Pioneer-TS-G1644R full range car speakers are great car speakers. These speakers have low cost in comparison other top class speakers. These speakers are easy to install in the cars. These full range car speakers look attractive and impress man customers. The high fidelity of these speakers is responsible for producing sound with less distortion. However, these speakers are not capable of producing high definition sound and sometimes may need external amplifiers for the operation.

If you are not happy with your older full range car speakers and are looking for up gradation, then The Pioneer-TS-G1644R car speakers are the good option for you.

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