Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S 6.5″ Car Speakers

Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S

The Alpine Electronics has produced the new model of car speakers capable of making any person spellbound by its outstanding music. Read the Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S 6.5″ 80 Watt RMS 4 Ohm 2-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers Featuring A Ferrite Magnet review for making a decision of purchasing car speakers.

The Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers are excellent speakers. They are designed with high-quality material and do not last very easily in comparison to car speakers of old times. For saving the time and money, various drivers are accommodated in single component systems. Like any other ideal car speaker, these car speakers also have high sensitivity, high fidelity, and low impedance and so emit the decent sound of the deeper bass. You can install these speakers in several kinds of cars and enjoy the wonderful music.

After using many car speakers, I finally found the right kind of speakers for my car providing superb performance. These speakers added more enjoyment to my car driving experience and helped me to pass the boring long journeys very useful. So, I also want to you to recommend these speakers for your car and listen to fantastic music.

Low Cost

The most important factor while purchasing any product is the cost factor. The Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers do not have the people can easily buy very high cost unlike other car speakers and so with the moderate budget.


These speakers have a definite look. The way in which they are designed can easily impress any person who not even knew about features of the car audio components. The pretty magnets, balanced tweeters and other audio components combined to provide the pretty look to these speakers.

Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S

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Decent Speakers

Designed with high-quality material, the Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers produce a decent sound of the good bass. These speakers are capable of providing effective performance for a definite number of years. The fiber and natural paper pulp provide these speakers the resiliency for resisting the stress and compression levels.

Compact and Concise Speakers

The compactness of the speakers allows for easy installation. These speakers are compact enough for fitting into several cars. You can put these speakers into many popular cars such as Chevy Silverado, Dodge Dakota, Subaru Impreza Sedan and so on. These concise speakers can be easily transferred into different positions of the car without any problem.


  • These car speakers produce sound of frequencies from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is quite an effective sound
  • The tweeters of these speakers are designed by using titanium or polyamide composite known for its toughness.
  • These car speakers handle up to 200 watts of peak power and 80 watts of RMS power.
  • The magnets of these speakers are made using Strontium Ferrite or Neodymium material.
  • The foam surrounded the Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers is responsible for increasing their life and make them capable to last after long periods.
  • These speakers are capable of producing sound up to 90 decibel level of sensitivity which means that they provide amazing music of good bass.
  • These are performance upgraded speakers stabilized with the wonderful polymer material.
  • These speakers work with all kind of subwoofers, and so emit the good quality sound of the extreme bass.
  • You can easily install external amplifiers to these low impedance car speakers and further enjoy the better quality music.
  • These dense car speakers are the better replacement for old factory speakers because of their more enhancing sound.
  • The tweeters of these speakers are installed using flush mounting that prevents diffraction effects and certain oscillation in the overall frequency response.
  • These speaker systems do not require specific harnesses for their installation in the cars.
  • The black color Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speaker weighs only 6.5 pounds and fits into many types of cars.
  • This speaker is 16.1 inches long, 10.3 inches wide and 6.6 inches high.

Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers

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  • These speakers do not contain specific grills that help in the protection of driver components from foreign objects so we might face bad performance due to certain problems.
  • These coaxial speakers are not capable of producing that much high-quality sound as produced by several component speakers.
  • Sometimes you may need to buy other components and drivers for upgrading the entire car stereo systems when these speakers do not provide the best results.

Customer Reviews

The Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers are one of the top selling car audio speakers as reviewed in a survey conducted in October 2015 in the USA.

Most of the people have liked the cheap cost of these speakers. People have said that these are decent, cheap speakers that have replaced the old stock and expensive car speakers. Some have said that save your money by purchasing these coaxial speakers. Some other have said that these are great speakers that produce very nice sound.

There are only a few people who have not liked this product. One customer was not happy with the power handling capacity of these speakers and said that he got 220-watt speakers instead of 440 watts speakers. For more information, read the Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S review.


The Pairs Alpine SXE-1725S car speakers are fantastic car speakers. These coaxial speakers are compact, lightweight and rigid. You can easily install these speakers into many cars. These low-cost speakers are capable of producing the decent sound of the good bass. The dome tweeters, magnets, and other audio components make these speakers look very attractive and charming. The resilient material used for designing these speakers is responsible for preventing these speakers from wear and tear and thereby make them provide effective performance for several years. However, these speakers are not loaded with protective grills. Try these car speakers and listen to good quality distortion-less music.

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