Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coaxial Speakers

Kicker DS65 Coax Speakers

Coaxial speakers are car speakers in which several components and drivers such as tweeters, woofers, crossovers are installed in one particular box for saving the time and money. A new model of coaxial speakers has been founded by the Kicker Corporation for solving several needs of many persons.

In the world of 6.5 car speakers, we have another model from the popular car manufacturer yet. The Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers are fantastic cars speakers that have many excellent features and qualities. The kicker corporation has used the latest technology and high-quality material for designing these speakers. So, a person gets all the things that he/she look for while purchasing any model of car speakers. These speakers are efficient speakers that have the phenomenal power of providing high-quality music for longer periods.

The Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers review provide in-depth information that needs to have while considering any car speakers, whether they are big or small, component or coaxial, light weight or heavy weight, etc. You must try these coaxial car speakers for saving very high cost and listening to decent music of better bass for a large number of years.

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Ultra-clean bass

Bass is an amazing feature that enhances the quality of any music. People who are bass lovers would be triumphal after knowing about the Kicker DS65 car speakers. The voice coils of these speakers are designed with innovative technology for producing the sound of ultra-clean bass having very less distortion.

Efficient Performance

These speakers are designed with a massive motor structure that helps in resisting various pressure and stress levels. So, these speakers do not lose its efficiency early and provide long-lasting performance continuously for several years.

Kicker DS65 Coax Speake

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Less Expensive

Having several drivers installed in single component boxes, the Kicker DS65 6.5 inches coaxial speakers are less costly than other 6.5 inches component car speakers. Therefore, a middle-class person can also purchase these speakers and listen to the decent sound from his/her car stereo system.

Ultra-Violet Surrounding

The ultra-violet surrounding of these speakers helps to withstand high temperature and results in the linear and optimum sound of the deep bass. You can listen to sounds of high frequencies from these UV-treated car speakers.


  • These car speakers feature several half-inch woofers, tweeters, and large size voice coils.
  • These car speakers have decent power handling capacity of about 100 watts.
  • The tweeters of these car speakers are designed using the Titanium material known for its high tensile strength and density.
  • These car speakers are surrounded by polyester foam for enlarging the overall life span.
  • The woofer cones are manufactured using the lightweight and elastic polypropylene material.
  • These car speakers produce the sound of frequencies falling between 50 Hz and 20.000 Hz.
  • These DS65 car speakers are better than CS65 car speakers because of the requirement of less power.
  • Combining several voice coils, tweeters, woofer cones and other audio components, these speakers are capable of delivering rich, detailed music.
  • You can add several external amplifiers to these low-impedance car speakers for enhancing the quality of various sounds.
  • These speakers look attractive and come with a warranty of 1 complete year.
  • A person also gets the wonderful money-back guarantee of 60 days with the Kicker DS65 car speaker.
  • The Kicker DS65 car speaker weighs only 4.6 pounds and so can be easily installed in cars such as GMC Sierra, Isuzu DAX, etc.
  • These are two-way speakers meaning that they use two particular materials for producing the sound of various frequencies.
  • The high sensitivity of these speakers helps in reducing the unwanted distortion that degrade the overall good quality music.
  • These are better midrange and treble car speakers having the efficiency of emitting decent bass.
  • The Kicker DS65 car speaker is 14.7 inches long, 8.1 inches wide and 3.9 inches high.

Kicker DS65 Coax Speakers

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Customer Reviews

The Kicker DS65 car speakers are one of the top ten car speakers of 2017. This means that they have received tremendous popularity from the last few years. Some customers have said that these are amazing little speakers that easily fit into their cars. Some others have liked the price of these speakers and have said that we got decent quality sound speakers by paying less amount of money. Some customers have said that these are ok speakers. One person not found the better efficiency of these speakers and said that his/her Kicker DS65 car speaker lasted for only two months.

After reading so many positive customer reviews, I recommend you to purchase the Kicker DS65 car speakers and install them in your car system for enjoying the wonderful quality music.


  • These car speakers do not feature particular grilles, i.e., the materials help in protection of several audio components from the foreign objects
  • These car speakers require less power and so do not have the capability of producing high-definition sound as is produced by the component car speakers.
  • These are standard car speakers that can lose its accurate performance in different weather conditions.
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The Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers are decent car speakers. These are less expensive than the component speakers because of less number of audio components such as tweeters, woofers, etc. You can easily install these speakers in different positions of the cars and listen to the better quality sound of the optimum bass. The high-quality foam surrounding these speakers is responsible for enlarging the overall life span. Also, the high-quality material helps in providing distortion-less music. But, these speakers do not have grilles that could affect the overall better quality music.

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