New Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5″Car Speakers

New Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5" 600 Watt 2-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

Here comes yet another model of car speaker from the Kenwood Corporation. This is the KFC-1665S 6.5-inch car speaker model. This model has many innovative features and qualities that make it very good model. In this model, you will find several tweeters and drivers installed in a single component. It is for the saving the time and money that various drivers and tweeters are accommodated in the specific subsystems.

The Kenwood KFC-1665S car Speakers are fabulous speakers. They emit amazing music with deeper bass and less distortion. After using many types of car speakers produced by top companies, I used these coaxial speakers from the Kenwood Corporation and found that these are ideal coaxial speakers for several types of cars. Specifically, I liked the size and the power handling capacity of these speakers.

If you also want speakers having the 6.5-inch size that can be easily installed in the car and is capable of providing effective performance for many years then you must buy the New Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5″ 600 Watt 2-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers.

Very Less Noise

Any unwanted sound is known as noise. The noise usually degrades the performance of any audio component, and so is an undesirable thing. The New Kenwood KFC-1665S coaxial speakers have steel basket that is responsible for canceling the unwanted noise. So, we get good quality music of better bass from these car speakers.

High-Performance Speakers

We always wanted to use any specific type of speaker that provides very high performance for the fair amount of time. The high-quality material used in designing the Kenwood KFC-1665S coaxial speakers help in providing effective performance for several. The woofer cones, voice coil, and other components are designed by using the specific type of material and help in providing wonderful results.

 New Kenwood KFC-1665S 6.5" 600 Watt 2-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

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Impedance Matching

For getting splendid music, it is important for any speaker system that all the drivers and other components work in such a way that impedance is matched every time. Also, there may occur requirement of suitable amplifiers for the boosting purposes. These amplifiers have their impedance value. These speakers have the low impedance value that matches with several drivers and amplifiers and so emit sensational music.

Portable Speakers

The Kenwood KFC-1665S coaxial speakers weigh less and so can be easily transferred from one place to another. Due to light weight, you can move these speakers in different positions of the car and can install these speakers at a particular position according to your preference.


  • These car speakers handle up to 300 watts of peak power and 30 watts of RMS power.
  • The Polypropylene material is used for making the woofer cones of these speakers that add the overall rigidity.
  • These are two-way car speakers which mean that they contain tweeters and woofers for producing the sound of high and low frequencies.
  • These car speakers are surrounded by the black basket for canceling the overall noise and emit high-quality music of extreme bass.
  • The woofer cones of these speakers are made of the specific type of cloth that helps in reduction of distortion.
  • Aluminum material used in the voice coil of these speakers helps in withstanding high temperature and makes them capable of providing effective performance for many years.
  • The high-quality ferrite magnet is used in designing the Kenwood KFC-1665S car speaker.
  • These speakers have a small size and so can be easily installed in different positions of the cars.
  • These black colored car speakers look beautiful featuring several woofers, magnets and other components in a unique style.
  • The New Kenwood KFC-1665S car audio coaxial car speaker weighs only 4 pounds and comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • This car speaker has the length of 11.9 inches, the width of 7.3 inches and height of 2.7 inches.
  • These speakers have several pretty grills for protection from various foreign objects.
  • These car speakers are hard and stiff so cannot get tear very easily.kenwood speakers


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The few limitations that have decreased the overall popularity of the New Kenwood KFC-1665S car audio coaxial speaker are

  • The high-frequency drivers of this speaker use the woofer cone for getting the 90-degree conical pattern. By changing the movement of the cone, a definite amount of distortion is generated. So, the vibration and other bad noise affect the overall performance.
  • A specific driver combo has to install in the front of these speakers for controlling the pattern that is a difficult task.
  • The small size horns used along with the compression horns affect the crossover point of large size woofers, and so degrade the quality of sound.

Customer Reviews

The New Kenwood KFC-1665S car audio coaxial car speakers emit fabulous music of deep bass and have become very popular car speaker from the past few months.

Many persons have said that these are great car speakers and produce excellent sound. A person stated that these are wonderful weatherproof speakers that provide long lasting performance for several years. On the other hand, some people who have not completely liked these speakers, have said that these are decent speakers but cracks a little when operated at medium volume.

Summing all the customer reviews, the New Kenwood KFC-1665S car audio speakers have received the overall positive rating. So, I recommend you to use these speakers and enjoy the wonderful music along with your car driving.


The New Kenwood KFC-1665S car speakers are fantastic car speakers designed in a wonderful style. These speakers are lightweight, rigid and produce better quality music of deep bass.  The material such as Polypropylene, aluminum, etc. is used for manufacturing these car speakers that add the toughness and durability. However these speakers can require some extra components at certain times for setting the cones, and this leads to distortion and vibration. The overall positive rating of this speaker is enough for making you buy this speaker and listen to fantastic music of better bass.

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