JVC CS-J620 300W Car Speakers

JVC CS-J620 Car Speakers.

JVC KENWOOD Corporation, a USA based company, has produced the new model of car speakers having many innovative features and specifications. These are 6.5 inches two-way coaxial car speakers. By the term coaxial speaker, we mean that this speaker has all the drivers and other audio components installed in one particular box so as to save the time and the money.

The JVC CS-J620 300w car speakers are great car speakers that emit the wonderful quality of music without very much distortion. This car speaker is designed with all the high-quality material and is capable of providing efficient performance for many years. The high sensitivity of this car speaker helps in the production of fantastic music using the available amount of power. The small impedance of this car speaker makes it compatible with several types of amplifiers that help in boosting of signals and so in delivering high pitch sounds.

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If you want to get superb music from your car stereo system and are looking for up gradation, then you should purchase the JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5″ CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers and get effective performance for many years.

Super Easy Installation

You must want specific speakers that can be moved very easily in different positions of your car without causing any pain or other problems. The small size JVC CS-J620 car speakers can be installed very easily in the cars and replace the large size crackling factory speakers. Also, not very specific skills are required for installing these car speakers.

JVC CS-J620 Car Speakers.

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High-quality grills are installed in the front and other positions of these car speakers. The composite material is used for making these grills. The sole motive of these grills is to protect the driver elements and other audio components from foreign objects but still allowing the clear passage of complete sound. So, these are protective car speakers and emit distortion free music.

Strong and Reliable Speakers

The JVC CS-J620 300w car speakers are designed using very high-quality materials that make them hard, rigid and tough. So, these speakers do not get the tear from different types of stress and compressions. These durable car speakers are capable of withstanding high heat and provide accurate performance for many years.

Low-Cost Speakers with High Sensitivity

In comparison to other coaxial car speakers, the JVC CS-J620 car speakers are bit costly and so can be purchased by a person with the modern budget. These low-cost speakers are capable of producing the awesome sound of deep bass because of very high sensitivity.


  • These are wireless 2-way coaxial car audio speakers that use the tweeters and woofers for producing the sound of high and low frequencies.
  • A pair of JVC CS-J620 car speakers can handle up to peak power of 600 watts and RMS power of 60 watts.
  • Tough and elastic mica material is used for making the woofer cones of these speakers. Also, ferrite magnet is used for designing pretty woofers.
  • These car speakers produce the sound of about 90-decibel sensitivity having frequencies in the range of 30 Hz to 21,000 Hz.
  • The tweeters of these speakers are made using Poly-Ether Imide and Neodymium magnet. The high tensile strength of these materials is responsible for increasing the life period of these speakers.
  • Another wonderful material, aluminum is used for making the voice coil of these speakers which is known for his capability to resist high heat.
  • The very less impedance of about 5 ohms allows the matching of several amplifiers that boost low-frequency signals and result in high-quality sound with less distortion.
  • These car speakers are surrounded by hybrid rubber material that adds the stress-strain behavior is preventing the speakers from tear and compression.
  • The speaker grills are made of Black ABS composite material that is known for its rigidity and hardness.
  • The JVC CS-J620 car speaker weighs 5.2 pounds and has a top-mounting depth of 1.70 inches.
  • These speakers are 14 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 8.3 inches high.
  • Several balanced tweeters, woofer cones, grills and other audio drivers provide these speakers a very pretty look.
  • Unlike factory speakers, these are quality upgraded speakers that provide long lasting performance for many years.


  • Although these car speakers have high power handling capacity but these are not capable of producing the ultra music that many people like to enjoy while driving in their cars.
  • Sometimes these 6.5 inches speakers do not fit into the car and require several types of cuttings of the mounts for installing them in different positions of the cars.
  • Also, these speakers may cause several types of vibrations that degrade the overall good quality music produced by them.

 JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5" CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

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Customer Reviews

Many persons have used the JVC CS-J620 car speakers and have written various reviews as how they feel after using them. It means that majority of the persons have found this speaker as fantastic speakers. Most of the people are happy with the overall cost of these speakers and said that these are very nice speakers especially for the price point. Few persons have even suggested these speakers for others person having the moderate budget. While there are also some people, who have liked the cool new look of these speakers.

Some people who only liked only a few features have given these speakers with two stars because of the super easy installation. I found hardly one customer review saying that these are worst sound speakers he/she have ever used.

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Summing up, the JVC CS-J620 300w car speakers are amazing car speakers that will surely impress any car enthusiastic. These car speakers do not have very high cost and are easy to install like all kinds of coaxial speakers. These car speakers are protected with the help of composite grills and emit superb music of deeper bass. However, these speakers face the problems of mounting and vibrations. But, the capability of providing sustainable performance is sufficient for making you purchase the JVC CS-J620 car speakers and get efficient results.

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