How to Install Tweeters in your Car?


Tweeters are wonderful audio components of car speaker systems that produce the sound of various frequencies. Some super tweeters are also used in specific car stereo systems for covering other types of sound frequencies. You need to install all the driver elements of the car stereo system very carefully so as to listen to high-quality music. Whether it is a small speaker grill or a large subwoofer, you must have proper information for getting accurate performance from the complete speaker system. This article provides different steps for installing tweeters in the car.

Ways of Mounting Tweeters

  • Surface Mounting – In this method, tweeters are mounted on the topmost surface of the cars. A specific screw is used for holding the tweeters in certain positions. This mounting is preferred when any person doesn’t want to change the design of the car or the car does not have enough height for accommodating tools required in other types of mounting. The disadvantage of this mounting is that the movement of large sized drivers along with the speaker baffles causes diffraction effects that are responsible for affecting the frequency response of the sound system.
  • Flush Mounting – Another mounting method is flush mounting in which several holes are created on the doors and on other boards for adjusting the tweeters. This mounting is better than surface mounting as you can also mount the lower frequency drivers such as woofers that do not cause diffractions effects and result in better performance. This mounting is the fantastic mounting method as it allows the tweeters to produce the sound of very high frequencies without having any problem.
  • Bottom Mounting – This mounting method does not require the creation of holes as the tweeters are installed under the several grills. It takes less time in this mounting method in comparison to surface mounting and flush mounting. You can also accommodate other drivers for getting the good frequency response from the speaker systems.


Installing Tweeters in the Cars

For installing tweeters, you need to have specific crossovers. The crossovers are components responsible for sending right frequencies to all the drivers. So, we can get a fantastic sound because of crossovers. However, if you do not have active crossover don’t worry, you can still create passive crossovers and install the tweeters in your cars. Follow the steps and install tweeters in the cars:

  • Connect Power Supply – Before starting this operation, you must disconnect the negative terminal from the car’s battery for prevention from any short circuit. Then use the speaker wires, soldering iron and some solder wire for connecting the tweeters to the speakers. You need to make sure that you have to connect the striped wire to the positive terminal of the tweeter and black wire to the negative terminal. By doing all these things, you have created passive crossovers.
  • Installing Crossovers in cars – After creating passive crossovers, now is the turn of installing them in the cars. For doing this, remove the speaker grill by unscrewing all the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Then also, remove the car speaker from its mounted location.
  • Re-mounting – In the last step, place the speakers and tweeters in their original mounting location ensuring that they fit securely. This thing is done by creating various holes on the door panel or dashboards. Then, connect the striped wire to the positive terminal of the tweeter and black wire to the negative terminal of the speaker. Then, replace all the speaker grills and the rubber for providing severe protection. Once you made all these connections and other things, you are done and can now listen to the effective sound from the car stereo system.


Some Precautions

While installing tweeters, you need to follow some precautions for getting wonderful results:

  1. Make sure that you have connected the wires to right terminals of the power supply.
  2. Carefully create the holes for the installation process.
  3. You should the speaker grills designed from high-quality material and provide effective protection


Like every audio component, installation of the tweeters in the cars also requires some specific information so as to get very great results. The tweeters are mounted in three ways such as surface mount, flush mount, and bottom mount. The flush mount is considered as the best mounting method as it does not create diffraction effects and result in the production of the sound of better frequencies. Follow the particular steps and precautions and install tweeters in your cars.