How to Choose the Best Car Amplifier for Your Car


Amplifiers are specific components that are used for boosting of several signals. These amplifiers play very effective role in the performance of car stereo system and help in the production of very high-quality sound. Some speaker systems have inbuilt amplifiers while others require external amplifiers for providing better performance. Like any other audio component, you need to purchase the right kind of amplifier for your car stereo system so as to get wonderful sound. It is important to follow some tips while considering any amplifier for your car. This article will provide you with several methods for selecting the perfect car amplifiers for your car stereo system.

Types of Car Amplifiers

The car amplifiers are divided into two particular categories by their class and the number of channels. According to different classes we have:

  • Class A amplifiers are known for producing fabulous high-frequency sounds. These amplifiers are capable of operating at high temperature and are energy inefficient car amplifiers.
  • Class B amplifiers operate at low temperatures, are energy efficient amplifiers. These can produce sound distortion when operated at high frequencies.
  • Class D amplifiers produce better low-frequency sounds but produce very poor high-frequency sounds.
  • Class AB amplifiers are outstanding amplifiers for producing high-frequency sounds but have lower peak performance than class A amplifiers.


According to number of channels we have:

  • Mono-channel car amplifiers – These are amplifiers that produce the sound of low frequencies and are mostly used for powering several subwoofers. These are ideal for producing the sound of the deep bass.
  • Two-channel car amplifiers – These amplifiers are used for providing power to 2 full range or coaxial speakers. You can also change these transform these two-channel amplifiers into single subwoofers for certain applications.
  • Three or more channel amplifiers – These amplifiers are preferred for applications that require the production of high-frequency sounds. Too many channels of these amplifiers provide power to subwoofers, several speakers and other audio components at the same time.

Selecting the Right Car Amplifier

 You should consider the following tips for selecting the right car amplifier:

  1. Power Requirement – There are different types of amplifiers providing low, mid and high powers. You first need to look at your speakers as how much power they can handle and how much more they needed for producing the effective sound. After doing this thing, select the amplifiers of definite power level matching with your car speakers. In case you find difficulty in finding the RMS power rating of your speakers, you can select amplifiers providing power up to 220 watts. These are the decent amplifiers help in the production of accurate sound. However, if you want to listen to high frequency sounds you can select powerful amplifiers.
  2. A suitable number of Channels– As already explained, amplifiers are available with a different number of channels for used in specific operations. The different configurations of amplifiers are used for providing power to subwoofers, speakers, and other drivers components or only for boosting up the subwoofers. You need to look at your car stereo system that how many components it contains. If it only has the subwoofers, you can select the mono-channel amplifiers. But, if contains many drivers, speakers, and tweeters as well, then you should go for amplifiers with three or more channels.
  3. The Head Unit – The head unit or radio is known as the brain of the car stereo system and plays an important role in the production of effective sound. So, you need to consider the compatibility of the head unit. You should purchase a head unit that has several pre-amplifiers outputs. The pre-amp outputs allow a very easy connection with the new amplifiers. So, you can listen to the clearest sound if you have found the accurate head unit. On the other hand, the head unit without pre-amplifier outputs can result in poor quality sound and degrade the overall performance.

 Car Amplifiers


You must follow some crucial steps for purchasing the best amplifier for your car stereo system. Different car amplifiers such as class A, class B, class AB, etc. produce the sound of low, mid and high and provide different performance levels. According to the number of components installed in your car stereo system, you can select specific amplifiers with 2, 3 or more channels. Consider the power handling capacity of your speakers and then purchase particular amplifiers.