Difference between Component Speakers and Regular Speakers

coaxial speaker

Looking to buy a speaker for your car? Well, you must have the knowledge that generally they are two types of car speakers that are available in the marketplace. The most popular are the component speaker system that features all the drivers separately while other is the coaxial speaker system in which all the drivers are combined for saving the money and space. These two types of speakers use the drivers in a different way for producing the sound. According to the different features and qualities, these speakers provide the different type of performance and so are used for specific purposes. Thus, you need to know about differences between these two types of car speakers and then purchase a particular speaker.

What are these speakers?

Component speakers are the speakers that have separate tweeters, woofers, crossovers, super tweeters, and subwoofers. By using all these separate components, these speakers cover the complete audio spectrum:

  • Tweeters for producing the sound that have frequencies of about 20,000Hz.They are basically used for providing sound with good bass level.
  • Woofers produce sounds that have the frequency range from 10 to 1,000 Hz. These components emit the sound of the deep bass.
  • Super tweeters can produce the sound of ultrasonic frequencies that are higher than 2,000 Hz. These components emit higher frequency sounds without much distortion.
  • Subwoofers produce the higher quality sound of frequencies that cover the other end of the audio spectrum. Many types of woofers operate in the range of about 200 Hz.
  • Crossovers are used for breaking a single signal of definite frequency into many signals having various low, mid and high frequencies.


coaxial speakers

Regular speakers also known as coaxial or full range speakers have tweeters, woofers and drivers combined in a particular system for saving the money and space. These speakers are more commonly found in the car audio systems than the component speakers. Here also, the woofers, tweeters, sub tweeters do the same kind of operation as they do in component speakers. But, these speakers contain extra drivers for producing the full range of sounds from a single unit. These speakers mostly have tweeters placed on several types of woofers.

Component Vs Regular Speakers (Coaxial)

Installation –The component speakers use separate tweeters, crossovers, and woofers for emitting loud and clear music. Installing all these components need proper control and flexibility so as to get wonderful music. Also, you need to invest a lot of time and effort for installing the component speakers. So, the installation of component speakers becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, you just need to follow few steps and can easily install the coaxial car speakers in a quicker period.

Sound Quality – By using the various tweeters, sub tweeters, and other components, the component speakers produce the sound of very high quality. You can hear the more optimum and clear sound from the component speakers. But, the full range speakers are unable to produce the sound of wonderful bass and so emit the sound of low quality.

Power handling capacity – The component speakers are designed in such a way so as to handle a large amount of power and produce high-quality music. These speakers handle up to 250 watts of peak power and 110 watts of RMS power. While coaxial speakers handle up to 200 watts of peak power and 75 watts of RMS power. This means that component car speakers handle more power than coaxial car speakers and produce splendid music.

coaxial speaker

Crossovers – The component speakers require several crossovers for sending the sound of different frequencies to various tweeters and subwoofers. These components receive the specific frequencies sound and result in the production of splendid music. On the other hand, the regular coaxial speakers do not require crossovers for their operation.

Cost – You need to invest a lot of money for purchasing several tweeters, sub tweeters, woofers, subwoofers and crossovers for manufacturing any component speaker system. Along with the cost of all these components, you may need to add various add-ons on your speaker system. All these things make component speakers as expensive speakers. On the other hand, the coaxial speakers do not require these many things and so are less costly.


Component speakers or the coaxial speakers almost contain the same components, but it is the placement style that makes them different from one other. The component speakers are difficult to install, handle more power and produce high-quality sound than the coaxial speakers. The expensive component car speakers require crossovers for producing brilliant music.