Should You Buy Component Car Speakers

component speakers

The world of car audio electronics is huge and is further increasing day by day. So, it becomes a difficult task to buy any specific model of car electronic from a massive number of models having different sizes, cost, design and other configuration. Specially, in the case of car speakers we can find a vast number of models designed for many types of companies. There are two types of car speakers that are further divided into different categories according to the needs and the specifications. The most common type of car speaker is the component speaker. Well, if you are thinking about purchasing component speakers, then you are on a right track because these speakers are known for producing high-quality music that is needed by everyone.

component speakers

Component Speakers? What are they?

The component car speakers are speakers that have separate tweeters woofers, sub woofers, sub tweeters for producing the sound we hear. These speakers come in different sizes and configurations for different types of cars. All the drivers of the component speakers match with each other for producing optimum music.

  • Tweeters – These are the components used for producing the sound of high frequencies. These speakers produce frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. The best thing about these about components is that they control the bass level of the sound which is an important thing for getting a wonderful listening experience. Due to the production of the sound of high frequencies, these tweeters are known as high-pitched speaker components.
  • Mid-range components – The mid range drivers produce the same amount of energy as is produced when any human being speak or sing in the normal life. These components are specifically designed as to emit the sound of frequencies that fall between 350 Hz to 5500Hz. These drivers are mostly found in conjunction with several tweeters and woofers.
  • Woofers – These components produce sound having frequencies in the range from 50Hz to 1100Hz. One particular thing that these features do is that they provide the sound of the deeper bass. In comparison to mid-range drivers these components provide more wonderful performance. A specific type of polymer called Polypropylene is used for making the woofers of component speakers for delivering more efficient bass level. Some component speakers also use mica material for designing the woofer cones.
  • Subwoofers and super tweeters – These are the components that produce the sound of other frequencies covering the entire audio spectrum from both sides. These are specialized speakers that are dedicated to producing specific types of frequencies that result in the fantastic performance of the entire component speaker system.

component speakers

They also have crossovers

Crossovers are components that make sure that right kind of frequency reaches to right kind of speaker. By doing these maintain the entire sound system of the component speakers. Also, they help in removing of distortion or other unwanted signals. So, the crossovers are splendid components that help in delivering realistic music. Two types of crossovers are used in component speaker systems:

  • Active crossovers – also called electronic crossovers require the huge amount of power for filtering out various signals. These crossovers are costly and complex making them difficult to install in the component speakers.
  • Passive Crossovers – These crossovers are installed between amplifiers and other speakers. They require less power and can be easily installed in the component speaker system.

Features of component speakers

  • High power handling capacity – The component speakers are designed in such a way so as to handle the massive amount of power. So, you don’t need to install extra amplifiers for boosting of signals and can hear splendid music from the component speakers.
  • High Senstivity – These speakers utilize all the power rating and emit awesome music. This behavior of the component speakers is due to the high sensitivity. All the drivers of the component speakers match to each other that result in higher sensitivity of the entire speaker system.
  • High fidelity and low impedance – You can hear the sound of all low, midrange and high frequencies from the component speakers. This is due to the crossovers used in these speaker systems. So, the components speakers have high fidelity and produce the sound of the ultimate bass level. Also, the component speakers have a low impedance that makes these speakers as more fantastic speakers.


Component speakers are excellent car speakers that provide long lasting performance for many years. The components such as tweeters, woofers, subwoofers and super tweeters produce the different sound of frequencies that cover the entire audio spectrum. After knowing that these speakers have very high sensitivity and power handling capacity, you must have made a decision of buying component speakers for your car stereo system.