Top four 6.5 Car Speakers

Pyle PL63BL

The world of car speakers is massive and is still expanding more and more with new kind of speaker with lot more enhanced features being founded every single day. We can easily purchase the specifically sized speakers for our cars and enjoy the fabulous music. Companies like Pioneer, Boss, Alpine, etc. put excessive efforts for manufacturing all the car audio electronics that provide effective performance for many years. The most popular car speakers are 6*9 inch car speakers, 5.25-inch car speakers and 6.5 car speakers. Further, these car speakers are categorized into the component and coaxial car speakers. Let us look at the best four 6.5 car speakers that have splendid features and emit high-quality sound:

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Top 5 Best Channel Amplifiers


Amplifiers are devices used for the boosting of signals. They play an imperative role in the production of high-quality sound from the car stereo systems. The amplifiers are categorized according to their classes and number of channels. The class A, class B, class AB, class D amplifiers produce the sound of low, mid and high frequencies and provide different types of amplifiers. And we have the mono channel, two channel and more channels amplifiers for providing power to adequate some components. Also, we have power amplifiers and pre-boosting amplifiers for getting more enhanced results. Let us look at the best five channel amplifiers having many innovative features.

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Top 5 best Car Subwoofers


The car subwoofers are components known for adding bass to the overall sound from the speakers system. These subwoofers come in different sizes for installing into various cars. The polypropylene material is used for designing the subwoofers of speaker systems. For getting power, these subwoofers require external mono-channel amplifiers. Top companies such as Bosch, Pioneer Corporation, Alpine Electronics, Kenwood Corporation produce all the fantastic car audio electronics including the subwoofers. The subwoofers are responsible for removing the extra distortion and thereby help in producing decent sound. Read this article for knowing about five best car speakers having amazing characteristics.

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How to Choose the Best Car Amplifier for Your Car


Amplifiers are specific components that are used for boosting of several signals. These amplifiers play very effective role in the performance of car stereo system and help in the production of very high-quality sound. Some speaker systems have inbuilt amplifiers while others require external amplifiers for providing better performance. Like any other audio component, you need to purchase the right kind of amplifier for your car stereo system so as to get wonderful sound. It is important to follow some tips while considering any amplifier for your car. This article will provide you with several methods for selecting the perfect car amplifiers for your car stereo system.

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How to Install Tweeters in your Car?


Tweeters are wonderful audio components of car speaker systems that produce the sound of various frequencies. Some super tweeters are also used in specific car stereo systems for covering other types of sound frequencies. You need to install all the driver elements of the car stereo system very carefully so as to listen to high-quality music. Whether it is a small speaker grill or a large subwoofer, you must have proper information for getting accurate performance from the complete speaker system. This article provides different steps for installing tweeters in the car.

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Top 4 car Speakers with Good Bass

According to the specifications, people like to hear different types of low pitch and high pitch sounds. Some people just want to enjoy the soft music while there are others who like to enjoy the loud music. There are also some who only love the bass level of the particular sound. It is the bass that is responsible for the awesome quality of a certain type of sound. Bass is a thing that removes the distortion and helps in the production of good quality music. Many types of car speakers are manufactured everyday that produces optimum sound with good bass. Let us have a look at some of these car speakers

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Should You Buy Component Car Speakers

component speakers

The world of car audio electronics is huge and is further increasing day by day. So, it becomes a difficult task to buy any specific model of car electronic from a massive number of models having different sizes, cost, design and other configuration. Specially, in the case of car speakers we can find a vast number of models designed for many types of companies. There are two types of car speakers that are further divided into different categories according to the needs and the specifications. The most common type of car speaker is the component speaker. Well, if you are thinking about purchasing component speakers, then you are on a right track because these speakers are known for producing high-quality music that is needed by everyone.

component speakers

Component Speakers? What are they?

The component car speakers are speakers that have separate tweeters woofers, sub woofers, sub tweeters for producing the sound we hear. These speakers come in different sizes and configurations for different types of cars. All the drivers of the component speakers match with each other for producing optimum music.

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Difference between Component Speakers and Regular Speakers

coaxial speaker

Looking to buy a speaker for your car? Well, you must have the knowledge that generally they are two types of car speakers that are available in the marketplace. The most popular are the component speaker system that features all the drivers separately while other is the coaxial speaker system in which all the drivers are combined for saving the money and space. These two types of speakers use the drivers in a different way for producing the sound. According to the different features and qualities, these speakers provide the different type of performance and so are used for specific purposes. Thus, you need to know about differences between these two types of car speakers and then purchase a particular speaker.

What are these speakers?

Component speakers are the speakers that have separate tweeters, woofers, crossovers, super tweeters, and subwoofers. By using all these separate components, these speakers cover the complete audio spectrum:

  • Tweeters for producing the sound that have frequencies of about 20,000Hz.They are basically used for providing sound with good bass level.
  • Woofers produce sounds that have the frequency range from 10 to 1,000 Hz. These components emit the sound of the deep bass.
  • Super tweeters can produce the sound of ultrasonic frequencies that are higher than 2,000 Hz. These components emit higher frequency sounds without much distortion.
  • Subwoofers produce the higher quality sound of frequencies that cover the other end of the audio spectrum. Many types of woofers operate in the range of about 200 Hz.
  • Crossovers are used for breaking a single signal of definite frequency into many signals having various low, mid and high frequencies.

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Top 5 Car Amplifiers You Should Buy

PLANET Amplifier

An amplifier is a device used for boosting of various types of signals. The signal can be current, voltage or audio. The amplifier takes any input signal of suitable amplitude from the power supply and then increases its amplitude so as to produce a powerful output signal. In cars, the amplifiers are used for boosting the signal from radios, CD players, subwoofers, tweeters or any other audio electronic. Some car stereo systems come with in-built amplifiers while some car stereo systems require external amplifiers for getting wonderful sound. Any individual who upgrades the complete sound system of his car needs to install external amplifiers for meeting the power requirements. » Read more