BOSS Audio CH6930 Chaos Extreme Speaker

BOSS Audio CH6930ss

After many models, the Boss Corporation has produced a new model CH6930 car speaker with lot more features and qualities. The new AudioCH6930 chaos extreme speaker can be easily fit into the car and provide the complete range of audio frequencies by using the considerable amount of power. These car speakers have the high sensitivity which means that they can produce very high output using the significant amount of power. The high fidelity of these speakers helps in produce very clear sound with low bass level. The high peak handling capacity of these speakers reduces the requirement of amplifiers for the operation. All the features that any person looks while buying any car speakers are there in this latest designed Boss speakers.

With the passage of time, almost all the things lose its wonderful performance and need replacement. Thanks to the advances in technology that we can get efficient performance from any type of electronic by upgrading it when we require. In the case of the car also, we need to upgrade the tyres, engine and other electronics for getting efficient performance from it. If you are thinking about up gradation of the stereo sound system and looking to buy new car speakers, then the Boss Audio CH6930 speakers are a great choice.

Efficient Speakers

Everyone wants to buy a product that can be used for longer time and still provides the accurate performance. The Boss audio CH6930 chaos extreme speaker because of the polyurethane, a certain type of polymer allow for maximum flexibility and produce great sound lasting for a considerable period. These speakers are as flexible as a rubber.

The aluminium material used for manufacturing the voice coil of these speakers provides hardness and toughness. Due to this toughness, the speakers can work in all type of temperature and does not get damaged easily. Several new types of foam are used for making these speakers that provide high excursion. This foam is also responsible for the high life span of these speakers. Thus, you can get a very high-quality sound from these car speakers for a huge number of years.

Light-Weight Speakers

The Boss CH6930 speaker is made using a specific type of polymer, rubber and other things. Due to all these materials, this speaker is resilient, flexible and light-weight. So, you can easily move this speaker into any position of your car without any difficulty. Also, if you installed this speaker in your car and want to remove them due to any problem, you can do that also very easily.

Pretty Design

The Boss CH6930 speakers are designed in a unique style. The combination of red and black colour along with the cone, tweeters, voice coil and the foam make these speakers look very much beautiful and impress any individual.

BOSS Audio CH6930 Chaos Extreme 400-watt 3 way auto 6" x 9" Coaxial Speaker


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  • These car speakers can handle up to 400 watts of peak power and 200 watts of RMS power.
  • These car speakers have 90 Db of sensitivity which means they produce very high-quality sound using the same amount of power.
  • These speakers produce the sound of frequencies lying between 50 Hz and 20 KHz.
  • The cone of this speaker is made of a special type of polymer making them elastic speakers.
  • These speakers have high-tech Mylar tweeters that do not tear easily and last for longer periods.
  • These speakers are designed using pretty magnet material that weighs 60 ounces.
  • These speakers feature two types of tweeters – 1 inches polyamide tweeters and ½ inches piezo tweeters.
  • The combination of red and black colour provides a very beautiful look to these speakers.
  • These speakers are truly full range speakers which mean they produce splendid sound using all the components of the stereo sound system.
  • This speaker weighs merely 2.2 pounds and has a mounting depth of 1-11/16 inches.
  • These speakers are durable speakers which mean they can easily withstand high heat and produce good quality sound.
  • These speakers require 12 volts of batteries for providing efficient performance.
  • The voice coil of these speakers is hard and tough because of the one-inch aluminium material.
  • These are long lasting speakers that come with a warranty period of 3 years.

Customer Reviews

The Boss Audio CH6930 Chaos speakers are phenomenal speakers that produce high definition sound using the tweeters, woofers and other sound system components. It is the attractive design along with the splendid music that makes these speakers as one of the best selling speakers for many years.

BOSS Audio CH6930 Chaos Extreme 400-watt 3 way auto 6" x 9" Coaxial Speaker


->Click here to see today’s price on the Boss CH6930 speaker

Several types of people with the high and moderate budget have used these speakers and had given reviews.Most of the customer have liked this product and said that these are excellent speakers that produce clean rich sound. Some are happy with the cost of this product and said that these speakers are great speakers with a moderate budget. While there are also some people, who have not like this product and said that these speakers went bad after two weeks.

After observing so many positive reviews on the Boss Audio CH6930 Speaker, I want to say don’t listen to other person and use these speakers of your own and see the outstanding performance. I guarantee that you will not regret after taking the decision.


Like always, Boss has manufactured yet another fantastic speaker that emits excellent music. The Boss audio CH6930 chaos extreme speaker are flexible, durable and light weight speakers providing effective performance for the longer period. These speakers have high sensitivity, high fidelity, low impedance and high peak power handling capacity. Along with this, these speakers have high-tech tweeters that do not tear easily. So, what more do you want from any car speaker? Hurry up and purchase now the Boss CH6930 speaker for getting best results.

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